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United for Change is dedicated to highlighting the broadest and most consuming topics in the national Muslim community to the forefront. In order to analyze the most demanding dilemmas UFC will identify prominent and articulate voices and match them with the crucial concerns within the Muslim community. We envision a diverse and rich society where the loftiest principles of Islam are also realized within a religiously plural world.


The mission of United for Change is, through modern discourse, to create awareness of the broadest and most consuming topics within the Muslim community. We believe UFC will be most successful by creating an atmosphere of reconciliation between the very diverse Muslim cultures and populations, and through engaging Islamic scholars and community leaders, we envision developing models for resolution.


United for Change exists to facilitate the unity of Muslim organizations in North America. Through collective action, we engage monumental tasks larger than the human and material resources of any individual group. Through this effort, we aim to leverage our diversity through cooperation and goodwill and address the obstacles that have proven to be divisive.


United for Change began in June 2009. The seminal moment for the UFC initiative was realized after spending time in Mali and digesting the devastating effects of malaria. The sobering reality engaged a commitment to eliminating malaria. As a result of our commitment to bring resolution to malaria victims, UFC immediately formed and set in motion plans to bring increased awareness to the American Muslim community. Our motivation for change and the desire to highlight the Muslim condition in Africa drove us to organize our first event in Washington, D.C. “United Against Malaria”. In 2010, UFC continued with the second annual conference September 25 in Montreal, Canada, “Our Families, Our Foundation”. The third conference “United We Stand: One Nation, One Destiny” was held in Washington DC on September 10, 2011. On September 29th 2012 UFC held “United Against Poverty” conference in Stamford CT.